Overcast and the learning curve of Apple Watch design [English]

Marco Arment hat seine App Overcast für die Apple Watch deutlich überarbeitet.
The new interface design for Overcast on the Apple Watch.

iOS developer Marco Arment has changed the user interface design of his podcast app Overcast for the Apple Watch. In a blog post he explains his motives. Arment had created the first version of the interface for the Apple Watch even before he received the watch. When he took his own Apple Watch in operation, he noted quickly that the chosen design sucked because it was too complicated and there were long loading times.

Arments blog post is a must-read for developers as there is an increasing number of criticism about the Watch and third-party apps. Some say that the watch is a fault because it’s easier to usse the iPhone than waiting for apps to load and learning their specifics.

In my opinion the users of the Apple Watch should give some months to the developers for adapting their apps for the Apple Watch. It’s a complete new user interface which requires designers to rethink the logic of their apps. Designs which are successful on the iPhone or iPad are not automatically the best choice of design for the Watch. Overcast is a good example for that. I also think that even Apple will evaluate the criticism and rethink some parts of the operating system of the Watch.

Quelle: Redesigning Overcast’s Apple Watch app – Marco.org

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