Die nächste Kamera im iPhone?

9to5Mac spekuliert schon einmal ein wenig, wer die Kamera für das nächste iPhone herstellt. In dem Bericht wird eine neue Kameratechnik von Sony vorgestellt, die u.a. HDR-Videos unterstützt. Was es bislang schon für Fotos gibt, könnte in Zukunft auch Videos veredeln.

It is widely assumed that Apple’s next iPhone is going to be thinner and lighter than its predecessor —the 9.3mm thick iPhone 4S. However, camera modules for smartphones are not shrinking as fast as other tiny components are, and it is becoming a growing limitation when designing ultra-thin gadgets. If Apple is to engineer a thinner iPhone, the company is likely going to redesign the camera system all over again. Conveniently, Sony has a brand-new back-illuminated CMOS image sensor in the works that could be a natural fit for a next-generation iPhone.

via Sony unveils tiny 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor with HDR Video, a fit for ultra-thin iPhone 5 | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence.

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